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Article: "Taku Nagaki solo exhibition" online sales announcement!

「永木卓 個展」オンライン販売のおしらせ!

"Taku Nagaki solo exhibition" online sales announcement!

Sorry to keep you waiting! The "Taku Nagaki solo exhibition", which closed last week at the Uehara store while it was very popular, will be moved to online viewing.

Starts at 21:00 on Saturday, May 28th. You can shop until 23:59 on 6/4 (Sat).

Click here to enter the venue.

When the time comes, the cart will open and you will be able to purchase the product. We will be adding more and more products in advance, so please check the details and prices in advance.

Customers who unfortunately could not come to the Uehara store during the exhibition period, please take a look!


"Taku Nagaki Solo Exhibition" Online Sales
Starting at 21:00 on 5/28 (Sat.)!
6/4 (Sat) until 23:59