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Article: Notice of Taiwan/Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginner Level)

台湾 / 中国茶会(初級編)のお知らせ

Notice of Taiwan/Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginner Level)

Invitation to Taiwan/Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginner Level)
Teacher: Mariko Yamamoto

Many people are interested in Taiwanese tea and Chinese tea, but feel that going to a class is a high threshold.

Therefore, FOOD FOR THOUGHT LAB will hold a tea party for Chinese tea beginners who can enjoy it while learning about tea three times in June, September, and December. Its name is “Taiwan/Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginner)” .

The instructor is Ms. Mariko Yamamoto , who has studied under Xie Xiaoguan for many years at the tea art museum “Xiaogan Tea Experience” in Taipei, and currently holds her own tea ceremonies and classes. .

"Taiwan/Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginners)" is a meeting between a tea party and a classroom where you can study while listening to the teacher's story while enjoying delicious tea.

In order for you to learn the classification of tea in all 3 times, we will introduce it in order of low degree of fermentation. June is green tea and white tea, September is oolong tea, and December is black tea such as black tea and pu-erh tea.

Mr. Yamamoto aims to create a tea that matches his feelings at that time. “Sometimes I choose tea leaves according to my mood, but even with the same tea leaves, you can control the tea depending on how it is brewed. That is to take care of yourself. I feel like

Let's open the door of Taiwanese and Chinese tea together with everyone aiming to be able to brew such a gentle tea.

"Taiwan/Chinese Tea Ceremony (Beginner Level)"

Teacher: Mariko Yamamoto

(a) June 29 (Wednesday), September 28 (Wednesday), December 7 (Wednesday)
Time : 11:00~13:00
(b) June 29 (Wednesday), September 28 (Wednesday), December 7 (Wednesday)
Time : 14:30~16:30
(c) June 30 (Thursday), September 29 (Thursday), December 8 (Thursday)
Time : 11:00~13:00
(d) June 30 (Thursday), September 29 (Thursday), December 8 (Thursday)
Time : 14:30~16:30


*Lessons are continuous three times in June, September and December.

Please choose the desired date and time from the above a to d.

Please note that the days of the week and time slots are the same for all three months.

This time we are looking for only those who can participate in all 3 dates.

Please note that cancellations and refunds cannot be made after booking. If you are unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, you will be asked to appoint someone to represent you.

Lesson fee: 21,600 yen (tax included) for all three lessons



1st floor, 5-3-16 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051

Reservation method: Tickets will be sold through our ticket site ( ). Sales start from 21:00 on 6/11 (Sat) .

Contact : (To Ishimizu)