Online sales of "Aya Yuki Exhibition" will start from 21:00 on 11/6 (Sun.)!


The "Yuki Aya Exhibition" held at the Uehara store in late October will be available online from 21:00 on November 6th (Sunday) this weekend.

The color of Yuki's work is eye-catching.
Just looking at it makes me feel bright.

And not only the simple brightness of the color, but also the rich expression woven by the glaze when you look at it.

There were a lot of people who chose Mr. Yuki's attractive work as a gift at the store. Even online sales, of course, we also support gift wrapping !

In addition to Yuki's signature purple vessel, we have a wide variety of items such as flower vases, objects named "Kata", and cutlery rests.

You can check the works in advance from here , so please take a look at the details, prices, etc. *You will be able to add items to your cart when the time comes.

"Aya Yuki Exhibition" Online

2022/11/6 (Sun) 21:00- On sale at our online shop .