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Article: Special exhibition "Best Sake Exhibition" 11/12 (Sat)-11/16 (Wed) held at Uehara store


Special exhibition "Best Sake Exhibition" 11/12 (Sat)-11/16 (Wed) held at Uehara store


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Special Exhibition in November
"Exhibition of Fine Sake" (Bishukakoten)
11/12 (Sat)-11/16 (Wed) @FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store
11:00 - 18:00

Reservation required until 14:00 on the first day of the 12th. Only customers who have purchased a ticket can enter (sold out). You can enter without reservation after 14:00.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT will be holding a special exhibition "Misake Kakashi Exhibition" at the Uehara store for 5 days from 11/12 (Sat) to 11/16 (Wed). increase.

Bishukako is a delicious dish. Japan has some really nice words.

This exhibition, which will be the second time, is a large-scale exhibition with the theme of "sake", which literally specializes in "sake cups and vessels for delicious sake and side dishes, and things related to them" .

We have a lineup of sake cups such as glasses and sake cups that can be enjoyed by yourself, friends, family, and loved ones in a variety of situations, as well as plates and small bowls that make the dishes look especially beautiful. . We aim to propose stylish tables unique to FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

For those who love alcohol, those who like a little alcohol, those who don't drink alcohol at all but love cooking, and those who enjoy Chinese tea etc.

It's interesting, and there are various people among the creators who participate in this exhibition. I won't say who, but from those who say, "Alcohol is my gasoline!" to those who say, "I can't drink alcohol at all!" Place.

The 11 gorgeous creators have digested and expressed their own “beautiful sake dishes”.

In this exhibition, we would like to return to the first step, that manufacturing is communication, and create a meaningful and enjoyable time for customers, creators, and us, rather than a spot sale in the name of an exhibition.

This time we have a creator who is participating for the first time. Shibaji Ochiai, a woodworking artist . Yuko Watanabe, director of FFT, who is a master of "Bon", which is indispensable for enjoying delicious sake, fell in love with this work.

It's really nice to be able to take care of the tray at the sake table.

Now, let me introduce you to the participating artists:

  • Tetsuya Otani (ceramic artist)
  • Masayuki Miyagi (ceramic artist)
  • Mr. Atsushi Funabashi (Ceramic artist)
  • Midori Uchida (ceramic artist)
  • Mr. Shinsaku Nakazono (ceramic artist)
  • Momoko Otani (ceramic artist)
  • Seichi Ono (ceramic artist)
  • Yuko Miura (glass artist)
  • Ryohei Yamamoto (ceramic artist)
  • Aki Sakaida (glass artist)
  • Shibaji Ochiai (woodworking artist)

Artwork by Sumire Akasaka

Please look forward to how Mr. Ochiai, who is participating for the first time, will interpret and cook "Mishu Kakashi", and the chemical reaction that will occur with other popular artists.

All the FFT staff are looking forward to meeting you. I hope you enjoy the exhibition!



Plan exhibition "exquisite dish of sake"
OPEN 11:00~18:00

*On the first day, the 12th, reservations are required from the opening to 14:00 (sold out). No reservation required after that.

1st floor, 2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



At this exhibition, we will thoroughly verify your identity to prevent malicious "hoarding" and "resale". Purchasing with the same address/same card, those whose name on the credit card when purchasing the admission ticket does not match the name on the reservation, those whose billing address and credit card address do not match, IP address and billing Orders for those who are judged to be at high risk, such as those whose destination countries do not match, may be automatically canceled. Please understand that we cannot disclose the reason for cancellation.

We do not buy up our works or sell them for resale purposes, and we prohibit all applicable acts. When you purchase a product from our shop, we will assume that you have agreed to the prohibition of the applicable act.