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Article: "Snack time" online exhibition starts from 21:00 on 10/29 (Sat.)!

10/29(土)21:00より「おやつのじかん」オンライン展 スタート!

"Snack time" online exhibition starts from 21:00 on 10/29 (Sat.)!


"Snack time" held at the Uehara store in mid-October. Online sales of this exhibition will start from 21:00 on Saturday , October 29th.

At this exhibition, we will bear the shipping fee of 988 yen (only in Japan) for purchases of 5,000 yen or more! (Normally free shipping for purchases over 35,000 yen)

This project was born from the desire to make the time at home more fulfilling by focusing on the most enjoyable blank space in life, "Snack time".

Carefully selected works by popular artists of various genres such as ceramics, metalwork, and woodwork are lined up.

From Yuichi Takemata, you will receive an additional popular " server " that could not be introduced at the store! The server is limited to this "snack time" online sale . This time, shipping is free for purchases of 5,000 yen or more, so the server is virtually free shipping. If you haven't gotten it yet, don't miss this opportunity.

From FOOD FOR THOUGHT, all sizes of " Paperwhite Flower Rim Plate S/M/L " are back in stock. The newly released S size and L size, which sold out quickly in the first lot, will also be available for online sales this time.

From tableware to cutlery, we have a wide range of items that are sure to fulfill your snack time at home. Make the most of your autumn snack time.

You can check the works in advance fromhere , so please take a look at the details, prices, etc. *You will be able to add items to your cart when the time comes.

“Snack Time” Online Exhibition At our online shop ( )
10/29 (Sat) 21:00 start