From 1/15 (Sat.) to 1/16 (Sun.) is the "Permanent Exhibition in January" at the Uehara store.

Two days this weekend, 1/15 (Sat) and 1/16 (Sun)
Food For Thought "Permanent Exhibition in January" !

New works that arrive from creators every day
FFT originals, second-hand products, etc.
Lined up at the Uehara store.

Until 11-18 pm. No reservation required.
You can see it more leisurely than at the time of the solo exhibition, basically without lining up.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

The photo is a beautiful cup and saucer from Mr. Naotsugu Yoshida!

(The Uehara store is about a 12-minute walk from each of Higashi-Kitazawa, Komaba-Todaimae, and Yoyogi-Uehara stations.)


Food for sort Uehara store
2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku