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Article: Special exhibition "Best Sake Exhibit" will be held at Uehara store from 11/6 (Sat) to 11/9 (Tue)

企画展「美酒佳肴展」上原店で11/6(土) ~ 11/9(火)まで開催

Special exhibition "Best Sake Exhibit" will be held at Uehara store from 11/6 (Sat) to 11/9 (Tue)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Special Exhibition in November
"Exhibition of Fine Sake" (Bishukakoten)
11/6 (Sat) ~ 11/9 (Tue) @FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara
11:00 ~ 18:00

Reservations are required until 14:00 on the first day (reception is closed). After that, anyone can enter without reservation.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT will hold a special exhibition "Mishu Kakashi Exhibition" at the Uehara store from 11/6 (Sat.) to 11/9 (Tue.) featuring 17 popular artists.

Bishukako is a delicious dish. Japan has some really nice words.

This special exhibition is literally the first large-scale exhibition at Food Forsort with the theme of "sake", specializing in "sake cups and vessels for delicious sake and side dishes and related items".

In the midst of the corona crisis, we initially planned and produced an inward-looking project with the theme of "upgrading drinking at home", but at the right time, the declaration of emergency in Tokyo, where FFT is located, was lifted. Now you can proudly invite people to drink happily!

In this exhibition, you can enjoy sake cups such as glasses and sake cups that can be enjoyed in various situations by yourself, with friends, with your family, and with your loved ones, as well as plates and small bowls that make the dishes look especially beautiful. etc. lineup. We aim to propose stylish tables unique to FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who are particular about alcohol, especially wine, sake, and whiskey, has increased more than ever. Whether you are an expert, a beginner who has recently started to stick to alcohol, or someone who does not drink alcohol at all but loves cooking, or who enjoys Chinese tea, etc. I am proud of the content that I can get.

It's interesting, and there are various people among the creators who participate in this exhibition. I won't name anyone, but there are people who say, "Alcohol is my gasoline!" That's where it gets interesting!

Each of the names expressed their own “beautiful sake and delicious dishes”.

In this exhibition, we would like to return to the first step that manufacturing is communication, not a spot sale in the name of an exhibition, and to create a meaningful and enjoyable time for customers, creators, and us.

Well, this time, I am happy to say that there are many creators who are participating for the first time. In alphabetical order:

  • Momoko Otani (ceramic artist)
  • Seichi Ono (ceramic artist)
  • Aki Sakaida (glass artist)
  • Naoko Shimizu (ceramic artist)
  • su-nao home (ceramic artist)
  • Mr. Shinsaku Nakazono (ceramic artist)
  • Yuko Hatano (glass artist)
  • Yuko Miura (glass artist)

Please look forward to how the creators who participated for the first time will interpret and cook "Mishu Kishak", and the chemical reaction that will occur with other popular artists.

All the FFT staff are looking forward to meeting you. I hope you enjoy the exhibition!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Representative Takahiro Igarashi


Participating artists:
*Alphabetical order, titles omitted

Tetsuhiro Iwata
Midori Uchida
Tetsuya Otani
Momoko Otani
Hajime Onose
Aki Sakaida
Naoko Shimizu
su-nao home
Shinsaku Nakazono
Hiroko Hatano
Atsushi Funakushi
Yuko Miura
Osamu Mitoma
Masayuki Miyagi
Wood lacquer and poppy / Mokushikko-Tokeshi
Ryutaro Yamada
Naotsugu Yoshida

Artwork by Sumire Akasaka

Plan exhibition "exquisite dish of sake"
11/6 (Sat) ~ 11/9 (Tue)
OPEN 11:00~18:00
Reservations are required from 11:00 to 14:00 on the first day. After that, anyone can enter without reservation.

*Ticket reservations will start on our ticket reservation site ( ) from 21:00 on Saturday, October 30th.


2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo