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Article: "Funagushi Atsushi solo exhibition" will be held from 10/23 (sat) to 10/26 (tue) at the Uehara store!

「船串篤司 個展」10/23(sat)~10/26(tue)@上原店で開催!

"Funagushi Atsushi solo exhibition" will be held from 10/23 (sat) to 10/26 (tue) at the Uehara store!

"Atsushi Funagushi Solo Exhibition" An electronic ticket is required to enter from 11:00 to 15:00 on the first day.
Tickets are sold out, but after 15:00 on the first day, anyone can enter without a reservation.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT will hold a solo exhibition by Kasama-based ceramic artist Atsushi Funagushi from October 23rd (Sat) to October 26th (Tue), 2021. Funakushi's works are rarely available, but this time, more than 700 works will be lined up at the Uehara store, centering on dish bowls that are easy to use at the dining table, plus unique standing objects.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT is a work by Mr. Funagushi who continues to be highly popular. There are various reasons, but the big one is the compatibility with the food.

Design, glaze tone, size, weight = luxury, durability, usability, balance between design and uniformity, etc. are all high-dimensional. Regardless of whether it is Japanese, Western, or Chinese, the reason why it continues to be highly supported by chefs, chefs, and culinary professionals in Japan and overseas is simply because “the food looks delicious” when served on Mr. Funakushi’s plates.

His instrument is a good partner and weapon for professionals.

However, the good thing about Mr. Funakushi's work is that it is really easy to use even at home. It will enhance your usual dining table without sacrificing the goodness of your home.

At first glance, it looks monotone and sharp, but when you hold it in your hand, the impression changes. All of the glazes Mr. Funabashi carefully kneaded are actually earthy neutral colors. The black is a gentle dark gray, and the white is a faint ivory. The peaky colors of pure white and black make your eyes tired, but the colors that Mr. Funakushi produces have a unique “roundness”.

In terms of music, I would say a rich tone with a full midrange. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of monotone light works, but what sets Funakushi apart from others is that he continues to express himself in a down-to-earth manner without being edgy.

Enjoy the fusion of glaze and cooking while enjoying the rich taste of Kasama clay. From beginners to professionals, please take a look at the stable masterpieces that create light communication for everyone's dining table. (Igarashi)


Profile of Atsushi Funabashi
1979 Born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
2003 Studied under Yoshiki Sakai
2008 Graduated from Ibaraki Prefectural Ceramics Guidance Center, Glaze Course I
2009 Became independent in Kasama City


"Funagushi Atsushi Solo Exhibition"
At FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store
From Saturday, October 23, 2021 to Tuesday, October 26, 2021
You can enter without a reservation until 15:00 on the first day after the reserved ticket system.
* Reservation tickets will be accepted on our special ticket reservation site ( ) from 21:00 on Saturday, October 9th.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT Uehara store 〒151-0064
2-33-4 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo