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Hajime Onose

Born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1982. He studied pottery on his own while working under a Kasama artist, and established a workshop in 2018. It is very difficult to obtain flower pots with stylish styles. Since he graduated from a technical school, he creates products with an emphasis on functionality. The vessel, which is produced while flexibly incorporating the opinions of the users, can be realized even more by actually using it. The "ho", which is eye-catching for its transcendental technique, is influenced by the architecture of temples in ancient Western ruins.

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16-a 植木鉢16-a 植木鉢
19 植木鉢19 植木鉢
20 植木鉢20 植木鉢
Sold out22 植木鉢22 植木鉢
Sold out16-b 植木鉢16-b 植木鉢
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Sold out10-c 植木鉢10-c 植木鉢
Sold out10-b 植木鉢10-b 植木鉢
Sold out10-a 植木鉢10-a 植木鉢