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宮城正幸 / Masayuki Miyagi

Masayuki Miyagi

Masayuki Miyagi, who makes pottery in Nanjo City, Okinawa.
Mr. Miyagi's work arrives at FOOD FOR THOUGHT, and when the staff opens it, the voice goes up.

The celadon glaze works are beautifully transformed by the kiln, and the blue color is as if the sea of ​​Okinawa has arrived as it is.

And what is surprising is the precision that controls the chemical changes in the glaze, which is really difficult to control, with almost perfect control, and the high level of technology that makes the size and thickness almost perfectly uniform.

Imagining the laid-back atmosphere of Okinawa and picking it up, I realize that I was completely wrong. FOOD FOR THOUGHT handles the works of many artists, but I have never seen a person who creates earthenware with such perfect precision, despite the intense appearance. The beauty when layered is even impressive. I can understand why the chef's support is high.

Masayuki Miyagi Biography
1978 Born in Okinawa
2003 Studied under Koji Iki
2013 Opened Miyagi pottery kiln in Nanjo City

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