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三笘修 / Osamu Mitoma

Osamu Mitoma

Mr. Osamu Mitoma, who is making pottery in Hita, Oita Prefecture.

It was the first time we handled it at the 2nd "Oyatsu no Jikan" exhibition of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, and it was impressive that the customer was impressed by the quality of making.

When it comes to making pottery, it is normal to first imagine molding using a potter's wheel, but Mr. Mitoma's is molding using a plaster mold. The perfect smooth surface, smooth skin, unique fluctuations and sharp modeling that cannot be achieved with potter's wheel + shaving give off a unique aura that sets it apart from others and is addictive.

Since shaping and shaping takes more time than the potter's wheel, the amount of work done on the potter's wheel is about 1/4 to 1/5 of the potter's wheel per day. Mitoma's glaze requires even more time because he makes his own glaze by crushing materials collected from the mountains by hand.

As a result, his production numbers are extremely low, and he is known as an "unobtainable artist."

It is recommended for customers who seek individuality in simplicity, such as soft fluctuations due to molding shaping, extremely sharp design, and delicate edges.

Osamu Mitoma

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