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FOOD FOR THOUGHT フードフォーソートの人気作家、山田隆太郎 / Ryutaro Yamada。神奈川県相模原市は藤野で作陶。器、花器、壺、鉢、碗など独特のスタイルで人気を集める陶芸家。

Ryutaro Yamada

A work by Ryutaro Yamada, who has many core fans at FOOD FOR THOUGHT. At first glance, his works, which are made in Fujino, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, look rough and classical, but they are actually very modern and elegant. With a background in design and a collector in the art world, he is an up-and-coming artist whose future is even more exciting.

We always work on various techniques such as kohiki, Mishima, codo glaze, black glaze, ash glaze, white mud, and earthenware. Inheriting and protecting the kiln and workshop of the late potter Ryo Aoki, he puts a lot of pressure into his work every day.

Yamada Ryutaro Ceramic History

1984 Born in Saitama Prefecture

2007 Graduated from Department of Environmental Design, Tama Art University

2010 Completed the Tajimi City Pottery Design Research Institute ~ Making pottery in Tajimi

2014 Moved to Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, to the present

Ryutaro Yamada

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