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straight glass

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This is the most popular of our original products, which boast a wide selection of products. Straight glass from FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Yuko Watanabe, the director of our shop, is proud of this product, which is particular about the size, stem length, thickness, etc.

We have created an ideal wine glass that can be enjoyed casually with linear proportions. The vertical line is smart and goes well with brocanto. It has a large capacity, so it is recommended for wine and iced tea that you can enjoy in a casual style.

Made in Japan, all hand-blown glass by skilled craftsmen. Thanks to high technology, it is thin and elegant, yet sturdy and durable.In addition to drinks, it is also popular in restaurants for desserts such as parfaits.

Made in Japan Caliber: Approx. 6.5cm / Height: Approx. 14.5cm / Capacity: Approx. 170ml ( full weighing)

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April 2017: Opened FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a store that sells works that provide hints for a better life, centering on the artist's pottery.

September 2020: Launched “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, a standard tableware brand that can be purchased at any time.
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*Because each piece is hand-blown by a craftsman, there are individual differences in thickness, air bubbles, and the thickness of the stem. Some have air bubbles on the surface.
*If it is a dishwasher that is OK for wine glasses, you can use it normally.
*Since the products we send meet our product standards, we cannot accept any returns or refunds. Please understand this when purchasing.