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mall dessert bowl

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Our shop's original mall series glass that is beautifully reflected in the light has been well received. Japanese craftsmen hand-blown one by one.

This "mall dessert bowl" is the newest lineup among them.

Based on the opinion of Director Yuko Watanabe, "I want a glass bowl that is perfect for eating cold desserts such as yogurt, fruit, and bavarois!"

It seems to be a new way to enjoy drinks such as cold soup and cold tea. You can also use it as an appetizer bowl. The secret to ease of use is that the spoon is easy to get caught in, with a design that is rounded and slightly recessed from the edge. Please be creative and use it.

Like the other Molle series, it is thin enough to be robust and beautiful. Neither have been sacrificed.

When used in sunlight, the mall part gathers light and shines brightly, and when used in the dark, the light gradually loosens and creates an ambiguous outline.

"Mall Dessert Bowl". He's actually a versatile player. Not only at home, but also recommended for use in restaurants!

Diameter: Approx. 9.7cm / Height: Approx. 4.2cm
made in Japan
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April 2017: Opened FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a store that sells works that provide hints for a better life, centering on the artist's pottery.
September 2020: Launched “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, a standard tableware brand that can be purchased at any time.
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*Because each piece is hand-blown by craftsmen, there are individual differences in thickness, air bubbles, and molding. Some have air bubbles on the surface.
*If it is a dishwasher that is OK for wine glasses, you can use it normally.
*Since the products we send meet our product standards, we cannot accept any returns or refunds. Please understand this when purchasing.