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"Soap" from the FOOD FOR THOUGHT APOTHECARY series.

This soap is made in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, using only 100% safe horse oil from Kumamoto, which has been repeatedly refined, using a very laborious "frame kneading method".

There are two production methods for soap, frame kneading and machine kneading, and the mass-produced products you see at drugstores are basically machine kneaded. The material is mixed by machine, compressed and stamped, and can be manufactured immediately. It's inexpensive, looks good, and lathers well, but on the other hand, it quickly becomes soggy in water. Due to the strong alkalinity, some people have squeaky and tingling skin. People with sensitive skin, babies, and people with atopic dermatitis are hesitant to use it because it is too strong.

On the other hand, the soap of FOOD FOR THOUGHT APOTHECARY is made by frame kneading. For frame kneading, the liquid material is poured into a frame, cooled, hardened, cut, and then dried and aged for several months to harden. It does not get soggy even when left in a bath with high humidity, and keeps its firmness. By letting it sit for a long period of time, the alkalinity is neutralized, and the generous use of horse oil makes it moist and gentle after washing.

Safe for babies and those with atopic dermatitis. A certain staff member of FOOD FOR THOUGHT uses this soap to wash their baby's body and hair.

Horse oil has bactericidal/anti-inflammatory/antioxidant effects and has the effect of sinking heat, so it has been used as a folk remedy since ancient times as a medicine for wounds, rough skin, sunburns, and burns.

Horse oil is not a mineral-derived oil and is completely harmless, so it is also prescribed as a treatment for atopy and acne. FOOD FOR THOUGHT soap is a gentle product that uses plenty of horse oil. It can be safely used by babies, children, and those with sensitive skin.

We will continue to use it as a standard product, so you can buy more and give it as a gift.

We want all of the products handled by APOTHECARY to be used on a regular basis. Therefore, in consideration of the global environment, we have simplified the packaging as much as possible in order to keep the price as low as possible. We do not use boxes or inner packaging that would be trash, so please purchase only those who agree.

*It does not mean that skin troubles do not occur in all people.
*Effects/efficacy are based on folk remedies. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before use.

Width: Approx. 7.5cm / Length: Approx. 6cm / Height: Approx. 2cm
Ingredients: horse oil, water, palm kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, milk, lavender flavor
Contents: about 90 grams

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April 2017: Opened FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a store that sells works that provide hints for a better life, centering on the artist's pottery.
September 2020: Launched “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, a standard tableware brand that can be purchased at any time.
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*There may be some changes to the package shown in the photo.

* Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot accept any returns or refunds. Please understand this when purchasing.