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& Premium "My Cooking Class Notebook." Signed

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*Signed by author and director Yuko Watanabe!
Signed items are only available for FOOD FOR THOUGHT.


Yuko Watanabe, the director of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, published a series of articles in "&Premium" magazine, titled "My Cooking Class Note", which was released on April 6th.

36 months of monthly serialization. You can see the recipes of the four seasons by adding photos that were not published. Writer Naoko Yoshida's crisp writing and cameraman Baba Wakana's delicious photos are also highlights!

Then, we will talk about how to actually make kitchen items such as “Tetsuya Otani’s flat pot” and “Yuichi Takemata’s server (actually, this server was made based on Watanabe’s idea),” which are also handled by FOOD FOR THOUGHT. You can see exactly what you are using. It is a good book that can be used as a reference for daily styling, such as how to use plates and the balance of serving food.

*Signed products are sold only at FOOD FOR THOUGHT.
*No returns or refunds will be accepted. Please understand this when purchasing.