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Apron (red)

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A long-selling product that has been popular for a long time since our store opened.

Director Yuko Watanabe thought out the design and specifications from the perspective of cooking, and thoroughly stuck to usability.

Available in 6 colors : pink , red , cobalt blue , white , mustard , and navy .

"Pink" (2021 new color) is smoky and slightly yellowish, An adult pale pink that is not too sweet . We made this apron in response to requests for a warm colored apron in the cold season. The apron reflects the color of the fabric on the face, but by wearing pink under a bright light source, the dark part of the face becomes pinky, giving the other person a gentle and bright impression.

“Red” (new color for 2021) is the color with the most requests. As we spend more time at home, I think more and more people want to put on at least a brightly colored apron and enjoy cooking. Bright red without turbidity is actually a color that suits everyone regardless of age or gender. For those of you who say, "It's a little bit too much to wear bright red in your clothes...", we recommend the red apron! (The saturation of the real thing is slightly higher than the screen of a computer or smartphone.)

"cobalt blue"( 2021 new color) is popular because it makes the face brighter and brighter, and the A-line silhouette of the apron attracts attention due to the vivid color, making the body line look thin and sharp. Bright blue is also recommended for work! It can also be used as a uniform for restaurants who want to turn on the switch. A popular color for men.

The standard “white” is our most popular. Our director, Yuko Watanabe, only wears a white apron. It makes you feel refreshed regardless of the clothes you wear it with, and it's actually easy to use because it can be bleached.

"Mustard" , which is charming but also mature, makes your face look warm and bright. Calm yellow is the color that is most familiar with Japanese skin. If you wear black clothes under the apron, it will give you a sharp and fashionable look, and if you put it together in the same color, it will be warm and soft. It is a choice that allows you to change how you present yourself according to the TPO.

The classic chic navy color has the advantage of being stylish and slimming. Dark colors have the effect of tightening the shadows around the face, and the feature is that the features look sharp.


This apron is
It has been extremely popular since it opened.
Our number one long-selling product.
Repeated improvements to perfection
I am getting closer.

2021 by improving the mold in the summer
Round the line that continues from the shoulder straps to the back
We have improved the handling by improving the nuke of the sleeves.

FFT Director Yuko Watanabe
Thinking through the design and specifications from the perspective of cooking
This apron is thoroughly focused on usability.
Luxurious use of high-quality linen made in Japan
The length is long and looks beautiful.
Don't miss the back style
Firmly hides up to the buttocks.

Combining beauty and ease of movement
Simple design.
For the neck strap and waist strap
Herringbone that is resistant to twisting
Use thick cotton tape
high-quality thick linen
The texture increases as you use it
It grows soft and comfortable.
Characterized by a smooth and gentle texture
A high-quality product with excellent water absorption and wicking properties.
Made of 100% linen made in Japan, it is a medium thickness material.

It is also a special point that there is little burden on the neck even if you wear it for a long time.
You can adjust the length of the neck strap
Only one pocket on the right side just right.
Prevents the waist from looking bulky.

Loose width
Because the length is enough
It can also be used by men.
Because it is elegantly gathered from any angle of 360 degrees
For uniforms of many restaurants
I am using it.

Nowadays, more and more people cook at home
Perfect as a gift.
Please also purchase our gift wrapping !

*We also accept wholesale orders for this item.

Material: 100% linen
Neck strap length: about 77cm
Waist strap length: about 95cm
Length from breastplate to hem (length): about 112cm
Around the waist (width): about 108 cm
Pocket (U-shaped) width: about 17 cm / length: about 17.5 cm
Size: Free
Color: White, navy, mustard, cobalt blue, pink, red

Wearing model height: 160cm
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July 23, 2020